Our Story

Table setting with Botivo bottle Table setting with Botivo bottle
Botvio and cocktails on a table

Artisanal Hedonism

We’re a bunch who love good drinking, good eating and good times. But we live in a world of moderation and we’re constantly told that less is better. So, we made Botivo. A non-alcoholic drink that makes you say yes. 

Yes to a lovingly crafted drink. We care about what goes into our drinks, so we made a drink that cares too. Each thyme leaf hand-picked, each blend hand-made, each bottle hand-dipped in wax. Yes to pleasure. A truly satisfying drink to ease into the third act of your day. 

If you’ve read this far you are 100% part of the gang, it’s a pleasure to have you.

The Yellow Hour

Somehow, you made it. Whatever the time on the clock, you’re clocking off. Sure, there might be more to do, but this is a moment to prioritise pleasure with a truly satisfying drink. We call it ‘The Yellow Hour’. Whether you’re “glad that’s over” or you’re just getting started, it’s time ease into the third act. And now, for Botivo. “Let the brightness begin!”

“Incredible day”
“Well, cheers!”
“Terrible day!”
Table with playing cards, drinks and snacks

An Unexpected Pairing

Our artisan Sam and our hedonist Imme are polar opposites and that’s why they blend so well. Imme is the last person anyone expected to rave about a non-alcoholic drink, but then she met
Sam. Sam had spent years meticulously researching techniques and ingredients to concoct a truly satisfying and pleasurable drink.
“And so, Botivo!”

Founder, Sam Steavenson
Sam Paget Steavenson

Meet The Artisan

“I wanted to bring the true craft and depth of flavour we all see in the alcohol category, to the non alc category. This meant using real ingredients, no flavourings and low intervention techniques”

Sam Paget Steavenson
Imme Ermgassen

Meet The Hedonist

“When I tried Botivo it blew my mind, it was everything I wanted in a drink. I left my job and joined Sam. My friends still can’t get their head around the fact I am co-founder of a non-alcoholic brand... until they try it.”

Imme Ermgassen
Founder, Imme Ermgassen