Lannock Farm

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Glass jar filled with orange, herbs and botanicals

The Botivo Blend

After months of research, Sam The Artisan discovered Oxymels, an ancient tonic treasured by the Ancient Greeks. And after hundreds of experiments with countless ingredient combinations, he discovered Botivo.

Botivo takes over 1 year from start to long, bitter sweet finish, hand-blended in small batches at Lannock Farm, Hertfordshire in a growing community of makers.

“A bit of thyme, a bit of time, that’s a bit of a good time!”

Our Ingredients

A powerful combination of five raw ingredients infuse on a backdrop of aged British apple cider vinegar, balanced with organic wildflower honey for that signature Botivo taste.



Wonderfully aromatic, this evergreen shrub is reckoned by herbalists to be stimulating and mind clearing. We use British rosemary whenever it is in season.

Orange Zest

Bringing a subtle citrus note to Botivo, this element  harmoniously binds all of the ingredients together.


With roots famous for adding a lovely woody and bitter taste, this alpine flower is a key ingredient in many cocktail bitters, aperitifs and vermouths. Not native to the UK, we import ours from France.
Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar

Native to England and less acidic than other vinegars, such as sherry or red wine. We get ours from Devon, where it has been aged for at least one year to develop complexity.


We use fully organic, wildflower honey to balance out the complex botanical flavours.


Less commonly found in aperitifs, we think this aromatic herb adds a delightful layer of complexity to the mix. And it’s known to help clear the sinuses! We use British when it is in season.


An intensely bitter botanical and powerful digestive, this distinctively aromatic herb is used in the production of most absinthes and vermouths. In fact, the word vermouth is the French pronunciation of the German word wermut, or wormwood.
Beekeeper and behive

1. Made on Lannock Farm

We’re a small batch product, each ingredient is prepared, blended and crafted in Hertfordshire. We are committed to buying British where possible, helping to reduce each bottle’s carbon footprint.

2. Apples from British orchards

Aged for a minimum of 1 year our apple cider vinegars are sourced from family run farms in the UK.

Apples on trees in orchard

3. Slow Food UK approved

We have been given the seal of approval by Slow Food UK. Slow Food champions minimally processed food and good farming and we are proud that Botivo is a product that is synonymous with their values.