Botivo is the Big-Sipping
Botanical Aperitivo.

Multi-Award Winning

“Pleasure to be sipped by you!”

Begin your evening with Botivo, an intensely refreshing aperitivo (0% ABV) with a bittersweet backbone, herbal notes and a tang of citrus. A big-sipping drink hand-blended in small batches at Lannock Farm, The Botivo Blend of five raw ingredients takes over 1 year from start to finish. 

Botivo is a truly satisfying drink made for ‘The Yellow Hour’, the part of your day when you clock off and set the stage for something new. It’s a pleasure to be sipped by you!

0% ABV

No flavourings or preservatives

2 year natural shelf life (1 year once open)

20 servings per bottle

Packed with antioxidants

No need to keep in the fridge once open

Glass of Botivo on a summers day
“Wow, how long has it been since we had a dance?”

Grab yourself a glass

Bottle of Botivo and cocktail
The Signature Serve

25ml Botivo (1 part)

175ml Soda water (7 parts)

Pour over ice

Orange wedge squeezed

Sip over ice with soda or sparkling water and a juicy wedge of orange. Also delicious with tonic or other bubbles like ginger beer and grapefruit soda.

And now, for Botivo!

Whatever the time on the clock, it’s always "The Yellow Hour" somewhere. Take a moment to prioritise pleasure and ease into the third act of your day with a truly satisfying drink. “Let the brightness begin!”

Loved by sommeliers, chefs and food critics. And bar-hoppers, adventurers and negroni-lovers.

Botivo ingredients

Botivo is hand-blended in small batches at Lannock Farm, Hertfordshire over 1 year from start to long, bittersweet finish. A powerful combination of five raw ingredients infuse on a backdrop of aged British apple cider vinegar, balanced with organic wildflower honey.

Botivo Factsheet

20 (25ml per drink)
Bittersweet backbone bursting with herbal and citrus notes
Small batch, craft process: it takes over a year to make from start to finish
Health benefits
Unpasteurised so great for the gut, low calorie and antioxidant rich
Flavour breakdown
Hand holding up a bottle of Botivo
0% ABV. 100% Pleasure.