The Rum Runner & Botivo Non alcoholic aperitif owner Sam Paget-Steavenson

It was seven years after I started Rum Runner, an innovative cocktail consultancy service and events business, that I decided to bottle one of our most complex, unusual and requested creations. Always striving to offer unique drinking experiences to our clients, I had been looking for new recipes for non-alcoholic options and my research led me to these ancient herbal remedies called oxymels.

‘Oxymel’, I learnt, is derived from the Latin words ‘oxy’ and ‘mel’, meaning acid and honey. Oxymels are herbal tonics containing vinegar (as the acid) and honey with history dating back to antiquity when the “father of medicine”, Hippocrates, recommended them for their believed medicinal properties. In the absence of alcohol, our adaptation offers the perfect medium for aromatic roots, fresh herbs and botanicals to rival a French aperitif or Italian amaro.

We use traditional, centuries-old macerating techniques, as well as some unique to our process, and patiently wait for the flavour exchange from the aromatic roots and botanicals to our aperitif under precise conditions. Botivo has zero alcohol, no flavourings, no preservatives and nothing is pasteurised; for us, it has always been important to preserve the natural flavour profile and integrity of well-picked, carefully treated and meticulously paired ingredients. All ingredients are prepared and bottled on a farm in Hertfordshire and we are committed to buying British where possible, helping to reduce each bottles carbon footprint.



Botanicals for Botivo Non alcoholic aperitif
Botanicals Illustration for Botivo Non alcoholic aperitif