The Rum Runner & Botivo Non alcoholic aperitif owner Sam Paget-Steavenson

The Backstory

Botivo was originally created for private events by our founder Sam, a trained bartender who runs an innovative cocktail consultancy. After months of events where Botivo was the most requested (as well as the most unusual and complex) non alcoholic creation, we knew we were onto something. So we decided to bottle it and launch it as a business.

The original recipe came from a desire to create a unique non alcoholic drinking experience for clients. Tired of sweet, non alcoholic drinks that were thin on flavour, Sam did extensive research into different techniques, ingredients and processes. He wanted to create something using real ingredients, that was complex and balanced - not sweet like the other drinks his clients were frustrated with.

The Technique

This led him to the discovery of an ancient technique (called Oxymels) in which an apple vinegar base was patiently infused with fresh herbs and botanicals for several weeks, before the flavour was balanced out with honey. In the absence of alcohol, this combination offered the perfect medium for aromatic roots, fresh herbs and botanicals to create a complex, non alcoholic drink with a long and dry finish.

The Good News

Botivo is all natural, has no preservatives and is made with only 7 ingredients (including rosemary, thyme, orange zest, gentian, wormwood, honey). These botanicals are infused into an apple cider vinegar base which has multiple health benefits attributed to it, from weight loss through to improved gut health.

All ingredients are prepared and bottled on a farm in Hertfordshire and we are committed to buying British where possible, helping to reduce each bottle’s carbon footprint.

Botanicals Illustration for Botivo Non alcoholic aperitif