Botivo is created using a method that is centuries old. The botanicals are picked and delivered to our farm, where we combine them in precise amounts and let nature do its work. The authentic and complex flavour profile is developed over time and we are proud to have complete traceability to the source of our ingredients.

While our recipe remains unaltered, we understand that each batch will have its own very slightly distinct flavour profile. Like a wine, we are dealing with natural ingredients, fruits, botanicals and honey, whose flavour notes and undercurrents can fluctuate with the weather, quirks of pollination, soil and many other unique variables. For us, using raw, untreated ingredients was the only road to capturing the true flavours and complexities of the produce, resulting in a truly sophisticated non-alcoholic drink.

Thyme Botanical Illustration for Botivo Non alcoholic aperitif

Due to the self-preserving qualities of our ingredients, Botivo can be stored safely for up to 9 months unrefrigerated.

our botanicals

Rosemary Botanical Illustration for Botivo Non alcoholic aperitif

Rosemary - a woody, evergreen shrub that is gloriously aromatic; viewed by herbalists as stimulating and mind clearing. It is often found in aperitifs, because it is believed to tone the stomach and stimulate the appetite. We use British rosemary whenever it is in season.

Thyme Botanical Illustration for Botivo Non alcoholic aperitif

Thyme - a beautifully fragrant herb that is known for helping clear the sinuses. It is less commonly found in aperitifs, but we use it to add another herbal layer to develop complexity. Again, we use British when it is in season.

Gentian Botanical Illustration for Botivo Non alcoholic aperitif

Gentian - an alpine flower, whose roots bring a lovely woody and bitter complexity to Botivo. A key ingredient that you will find in many cocktail bitters, aperitifs and vermouths. We import ours from France as it is not native to the UK.

Wormwood Botanical Illustration for Botivo Non alcoholic aperitif

Wormwood - has a uniquely aromatic profile that is an essential ingredient to the production of most absinthes and vermouth. The word vermouth is the French pronunciation to the German word wermut, or wormwood. It is an intensely bitter botanical and a powerful digestive.

Orange Botanical Illustration for Botivo Non alcoholic aperitif

Orange Zest - adds a subtle citrus note to help bind all of the ingredients together.

raw apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is native to England and less acidic than other vinegars such as sherry or red wine. Ours comes from Devon and has been aged for at least one year to develop complexity. Vinegar is made from alcohol and shares many of its excellent extraction properties: it aids diffusion of botanicals and acts as a preservative to capture and lock in flavour. It is by its very nature sustainable: often made from waste produce and has enabled humans to eat outside of the seasons before we had the luxury of refrigeration.

Raw Honey for Botivo Non alcoholic aperitif

raw honey

We use raw unpasteurised and unfiltered honey from the Local Honey Man who pride themselves on producing sustainably sourced British honey. Humans have been eating honey for at least 9000 years, courtesy of the humble honey bee. Yes, it is a form of sugar, but our honey is unrefined and has lovely antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Thanks to the Local Honey Man, you can enjoy Botivo knowing that you are helping to protect the UK's Vulnerable bee population.

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